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First Aid Training: The Essential Skill

First Aid Training: The Essential Skill

With first aid training, you will increase the likelihood of you finding a well-paying job exponentially. First aid is a life skill and can greatly enhance your CV and job applications. Being a first aider requires key skills which all employers love such as communication skills, leadership and working in a team. You can demonstrate these skills by learning first aid. Many large companies give first aid as part of employee training; this is a very wise option because it guarantees they can all look out for one another. However, if you already have first aid training then your work won't have to pay for your course.

It isn’t just the workplace in which First Aid training is predominant. Employees will have their new found skills for the rest of their lives. They may need to administer their skills on their family, friends or the general public in the future. The course can be refreshed every three years so all the knowledge is up to date. Also, the qualification will look great to future employers. First Aid is a life skill and can be an excellent addition to your CV.

Often, one of the main problems that emergency first aiders face when first arriving on an accident scene is the issue of shock. This may apply to the person who has suffered the accident or the people around them who witnessed it. Shock can cause people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do in their normal state of mind, and by having the skills to calm down a situation can be invaluable in helping to prevent further accidents. Your qualified first aid status will often reassure people, and will possibly save your company a lot of money that it might have lost through an accident.

Through first aid training, you will be learning many important skills such as the confidence needed to be able to deal with a crisis. This will show employers that you are able to keep a level head under pressure.

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We offer a range of courses which can lead to varying levels of qualifications. And our team of fully employed, highly qualified trainers are constantly updated with any changes to legislation and are subject to a programme of professional development and assessment so that their skills are continuously updated.

24th Oct 2017 Hamish Stretton

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