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Is an automated external defibrillator (AED) needed at your workplace

Is an automated external defibrillator (AED) needed at your workplace

What would you say if someone said that you needed a defibrillator in your workplace? Most workplaces do not have one so it would not be surprising if you said no. However what most people dont know is that statistically 5% of all sudden cardiac arrests (SCAs) will occur in the workplace, that is 100 people every week in the UK alone!

Even though it is not a requirement to have a defibrillator in the workplace it is strongly recommended by The Resuscitation Council. Much like a sprinkler is needed on the off chance of a fire an AED is excellent in an emergeny situation just in case a member of your staff has SCA.

Nearly all of the arguments against getting an AED in the workplace is financial, but you have to wonder just how much it would cost to replace an employee who was an essential part of the company. Of course the worst case scenario could happen and you could suffer from SCA, it is just a much safer option to have an AED in your office.

You will want an AED to be able to deliver a shock as soon as possible after the SCA and if installed in a workplace then there is a higher chance of survival. You do not need to be trained to use an AED but there is a high chance of survival if the person using the AED is trained with one. 

14th Nov 2016 Hamish Stretton

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